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bibliotheque at world's end
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Crazily I lasted posted some many years ago and the lj still be here for my fic goodness.
16th-Nov-2011 11:06 pm - Moke on the move!
coy cat

Why do cats always move when you try to take their picture?
11th-Jan-2010 03:46 pm(no subject)
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Repost this in your LJ if you know someone who has, had or has been affected by cancer! 93% WON'T even take the time to Copy & Paste this... Will you?

For the grandmother I never knew, who died of breast cancer when my father was just 21.

For the uncle I can scarcely remember, who died of stomach cancer, leaving his wife and two young children.

For my beautiful and loving aunt, who eventually lost her battle to breast cancer, and left her husband and three young children.

For my second cousin who survived her battle with cancer.

For my uncle who is still waging his.

For all my loved ones who have had to deal with cancer, and evryone else too.
8th-Dec-2009 01:21 pm(no subject)
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I am soo ill - ugghhhh! But it's that pathetic kind of ill that isn't really all that bad anymore but leaves you all fuzzed-up in the head, slightly disassociated from reality and spinny. At least the fever-shakes are pretty much all gone.
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So I recently stumbled across "Eastwick" and was quickly charmed by the new American show, only to now hear that it's been given the chop after only having aired around seven episodes!

Eastwick Promo

Where I continue to vent my frustration for a little bit.......Collapse )
1st-Jun-2009 11:37 am - NCIS Fanart
ncis team

So here's a manip I did for an NCIS AU I'm never going to get around to writing, because I am so lame like that :-(
If it inspires anyone out there, feel free!

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